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My calendar, with its stunning photos, hangs proudly in my kitchen, and is always a talking point with family and friends. Prompt delivery and excellent service as well.


Excellence & Stunning photos as always


I have been watching Matt post his stunning photos on Twitter. Really beautiful!!

Wayne Mason

Matt's Photography is just simply amazing.
His eye captures the magic of Hampshire & Dorset and then the reality of the photograph is stunning.
Thank You for the enjoyment of seeing your photos come to life.


Matt is great photographer 📸👏🏻👏🏻
Keep going

angela traskey

For me who spent the majority of my life in Dorset it is so good to see Matt's photos now I live in the US. My sister is bringing his book over in 10 days which is really exciting. I wish him lots of luck with his photography. I see he now includes Hampshire. Please don't forget Milton Abbey in Dorset. My home for 32 years.

Jo Rawson

I love Matt's photographs. He captures the magic and mood of the stunning Dorset countryside in every shot, and the composition and light are always perfect. Looking forward to adding his new book to my bookshelf.

Vanessa Durán

Amazing work, full of soul and magic.

Samantha H

In an effort to stop spending time browsing through your gallery, I am planning a visit to a couple of your beautiful photographed places today! #inspired

Margaret Hemmings

Matt's photos are stunning! They really depict the best the Dorset countryside can offer and make you feel you are there in each picture.

Sue Hogben

Your photos are always incredible. You have an eye for the perfect composition.

Danuka fonseka

Your pictures speaks

Rebecca Brown

Wonderful photos, with real depth of colour and brilliant composition.

Daniel Barber

Stunning landscape photography. Some of the best work I've ever seen.


Amazing pictures. Stunning.


I am lucky enough to live in Mudeford - Matt captures the area in all its forms,moods,delight & colours. They are always a joy waiting for your eyes to escape into - Thanks Matt


Beautiful & breathtaking!


Beautiful & breathtaking!


Great colors!!


Breathtakingly beautiful photographs!

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