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matt March 3, 2017 1 comment

5DM22874 copy If you are looking for country chic then we found it on our last trip to a hotel. From start to finish we really couldn’t say anything bad, we would like to thank all the staff who were so accommodating to us being nosey around the hotel with a camera. I also would like to apologise to the gardens crew for walking on the grass (those were my footprints).
On my first impressions of the hotels decor I honestly thought some needed to be updated but due to its overall theme it worked.
Now the best part… the food!! It was incredible! If you are a foodie then this is the place for you, I didn’t want to leave and neither did my girlfriend. I think we both rolled out of there to our room.5DM22894 copy
And just to top of our mini trip my girlfriend was swept away to the spa for a treatment. When she came back i thought she would sleep for hours, she was so relaxed I was jealous! The only thing that I would’ve loved is if they had a double treatment room so we could both have a treatment together.

Over all we had a fantastic time and will be going back; well thats what i have been told anyway, however if this is what you think you would like then book a room as you won’t regret it.

5DM22999 copy

p.s. the breakfast was amazing also

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  1. I’m not sure if this is where reviews go, but, I have enjoyed Mathews original photographs. – he definitely puts his artist eye to good use. These are intelligent and thought provoking images. Keep up the good work! –


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