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matt November 13, 2019 0 comments

My Experience with PermaJet and my image of Poppies

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Firstly, I want to let you in on a little secret …. I absolutely love PermaJet prints, their paper is fantastic and the quality is just so up there it really brings your images alive.
But … how did I hear about PermaJet ?
Well, going back to July of this year i decided to go on a little exploration around the dorset countryside to get some inspiration, then managed to stumble across an endless poppy field near Blandford. Now an opportunity arose to get a photo of some amazing light shinning down on the poppies with a slight shadow on the hills in the background, i couldn’t not stop as that was against my nature as a photographer.
Anyhow… luckily i caught a beautiful image which contrasted the red and greens of the scape. I decided the following week to enter it into a ‘Amateur Photography’ weekly #appicoftheweek competition on Twitter, where the winner received a print out of their image on PermaJet paper. Surprisingly I was contacted that I was the winner and that i would receive my image and it would also be run within the magazine.
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Receiving the Print
Ok… now to say i was excited was an understatement as i had heard great things about PermaJet and the quality of their work but when it arrived i was over the moon. From the initial look, I could already tell this was going to be something so special as you could see the care and attention to the outer packaging, upon full opening i was amazed at the detail that the PermaJet’s print brought out in my image. The colours were brought up off the page and really pulled the scene out; these are definitely products i would be so happy to provide my customers with or for images for display purposes.
Overall Opinion

From my comments above I’m sure you can tell that i’m definitely a fan of this company, its true but i am all on board for companies that delivery the best quality to people.

Please do take a look at more of Permajet’s amazing range of products (Click here to go to website)
Also thank you to Amateur Photography Magazine for introducing me to Permajet and the fantastic competition you do weekly.

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