My China Trip – Hainan 2017

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My China Trip – Hainan 2017

First things first! My China trip was amazing and i would like to thanks the Comms8 team for all their hard work to get this all sorted in such a short space of time.

Now on to the trip itself ….

If you are like myself and have never been to china i am about to give you a run down on where is best to go. On this particular trip i was down in the southern region of China on a beautiful tropical island of Hainan and it was all i was hoping for.

Where i stayed during my trip ….

St. Regis Hotel, Yalong Bay – Sanya

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Raffles Hotel – Hainan




The Best Places to go and see ….

If you are really interested in getting to know the culture then i would suggest popping along to our first visit of the trip, the 108-metre Guanyin of Nanshan. This is an amazing statue near the Nanshan temple of Sanya.


If exploring the island is more your thing then the tropical rainforest national park is for you! Beautiful lush green wilderness with a wooden bridge which guides you through will make you forget where you are. But if you really can’t tear yourself away then you are able to stay away in some tree top cabins.

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Now if you’re a foodie (such as myself) then there is plenty of fresh variety to choose from. Whilst there we went to the night market and chose from the freshest sea food and it was a sight to see. Nothing you would really experience back home.

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After being in Hainan for nearly a week we had to travel over the Guangzhou to catch our connecting flight back to the UK, however we did get to spend a night and got to explore a little. In my exploration of the city i got to be a participating viewer in the city light show. it was incredible!!! I would recommend, especially if you’re a city person.




I hope you consider visiting Hainan as i thoroughly enjoyed my trip, i hope to see you all soon posting your experiences. Right off to scout the next place …. will keep you all posted.

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