My First Book – Dorset in Photographs

matt May 10, 2022 0 comments

The beginning of Dorset in Photographs

The thought of creating and releasing a photography book was most definitely just a dream, one i didn’t think wouldn’t come true, let alone now having a third one about to be released at the time of writing this blog.
I was approached by Amberley Publishing back in 2017 about doing a book on Dorset. At first I thought ‘this must be a joke’ as I never believed my photos would be good enough along with thinking I was way out of my depth. However, after a few weeks of going back and forth I felt like I couldn’t miss out on such a fantastic opportunity.
I remember I was going all over Dorset trying my hardest to capture my home county in its best light! Most mornings I would be setting out at 3am to see sunrise in the summer light, staying out most of the day and coming home at 10pm after the summer sunset. I’m pretty sure most those who know me the most thought I was completely crazy! But I didn’t want to let the publishers or anyone down.

Now the important question…. Was it all worth it ?

Absolutely! The moment I got that first hard copy of my very first book, flicking though the 128 pages of Dorset, I honestly couldn’t be more happier with the photos I put in there. Although I must admit I was more nervous for what was to follow, peoples reactions! The problem with myself is that I have always had trouble believing in myself and tend to criticise my work to the tenth degree, when I saw how well the book was received by others that really gave me a confidence boost within my photography which has helped me push myself over the last few years. For that I must thank my publishers for believing in me but also for all those who supported me and purchased a copy.
Dorset in photographs was also picked up by some media outlets such as The Daily Echo, The Mirror  and The Telegraph which was mind blowing to me. I always put myself down by thinking I couldn’t do it! Just goes to show if you put your mind to it, you can do it.
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