My Experience with Kase Filters

matt May 11, 2022 0 comments

My Experience with Kase filters – Portland Bill

I have used filters for the last 10 years within my photography, However I fully believe I have finally found a fantastic brand that really helps my photography to the fullest & brings out the best in my landscapes.

What filters have I got ?

Currently I’m using the KASE WOLVERINE SERIES -ENTRY-LEVEL KIT 100MM K9 System.
In order to put them to the test i went to Portland to see how they would perform and I can honestly say I was blown away, not only by the quality of glass but also how easy they are to use.
The wolverine kits comes with:
  • Wolverine 100 x 150mm SGND filter 0.9 (3 stop soft grad)
  • Wolverine 100 x 150mm ND filter ND64 (6 stop ND)
  • Magnetic Circular Polariser

Whilst out and about

Portland Bill, in Dorset, is probably one of the best places to try out new filters as you tend to get a much more dramatic sky so filters are always a must. Whilst out on this most recent excursion i was using my 18-35mm F2.8 82mm lens, the set up was super easy with having the initial 82-90mm ring on my lens and then 90mm Slimline Magnetic X-CPL (Polarising filter) just clips on the front which is simply wonderful.
Sunset was forecasted for 8:45pm so i made sure i got there around 2 hours before to set up and have a little wonder around to find the perfect spot. Once found i set up the tripod and got situated with my Kase filters on ready. Once the polariser is screwed onto the front of the lens the K9 filter holder just clips on around the filter to allow for perfect filter layering. Also the CPL filter rotates with ease via an external turn wheel, which allows controlled movement whilst the holder is on. So no more trouble, I can honestly say this is fantastic and so slick, it just saves so much time to previous filters systems I have used.

See below for my composition comparisons with before and after shots.
After being already blow away by Kase on how easy their products are to use I had a walk around Portland for the next hour. Here are a few shots that luckily ended up successful, unfortunately there wasn’t a fantastic sunset.  I really hope you enjoy the shots I got while using the Kase product.

Would i recommend Kase?

100%! From now getting a proper experience with Kase i would definitely  recommend to anyone starting or even someone who had been shooting for 10 years and wanted a change. Their filters are just next leave so easy to use as you are already aware I like the filters. I would also like it to be known that this is not a paid sponsored review by Kase I’m just showing my enjoyment of using there filters,if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message
If you would like to read more into Kase products or purchase some then click this link to view.

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