Me, the Toyota and the Prius

zelda February 19, 2016 0 comments
MY JOURNEY AROUND VALENCIALittle did I know that my photos had been noticed by a global organisation. Shocked I was to hear that an organisation the size of Toyota had taken a liking a to my photos and were now asking me to fly all the way out to Valencia to advertise the release of the brand new Toyota Prius.

My trip began as I woke up to the rain pelting against my bedroom window – classic England. This would not dampen my mood however, as I knew this was the start of a fantastic adventure. My bags were packed – most importantly my camera. I loaded it into my car and I was ready to embark upon my journey. Airport here I come.

Five hours into a painstakingly agonising wait at the airport, and finally the plane was ready for take-off. I took my seat with the rest of the crew and off we went.

Upon arrival, the contrast was definitely apparent. The sun was shining and it was actually hot. We cruised through the city and made our way to the hotel, making sure to admire my surroundings as we went. Over the horizon I saw the distant shimmer of the hotel as we slowly approached our destination.

The hotel was fit for a king, with a dazzling chandelier being the star attraction of the show. I slowly meandered over to the reception desk, where a smiling member of staff immediately greeted me. Arriving at my room, I looked around in awe at the luxury that I was to be staying in for the next few days.

After a short while we all bounded down stairs, excited to hear the line-up of what would be to follow. Following this I was absolutely knackered, so made sure I went to get some well needed rest before starting my adventure.

The crew and I all travelled to the Toyota headquarters where we would meet with company representatives to learn about the new Prius and everything it has to offer. With a warm greeting we were all brought into a sleek, professional meeting room where we got a talk on the new Prius. “Economically friendly

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