Le Blaireau – Careys Manor

matt December 1, 2016 0 comments

5dm20089Le Blaireau at Careys manor is a little slice of paris that i visited a couple weeks back to photograph, now let me tell you that i think i have found my little hiding spot. I cannot begin to praise everything about the restaurant! The food was incredible as well as anything else.

To start i have to thank the manager of the bistro as well as everyone else who was dining that night as they all had to put up with me running around the place taking photos at every angle possible. luckily i didn’t get the camera flash out because i think i may have gone a little too far! In all honesty i don’t know what i can say about the food … everything was perfect! Thats not me just saying it also, i really didn’t think the food would be my cup of tea but it was sensational. The most special part of Le Balireau is that it is a relaxed evening that the whole family can enjoy, along with a function area you can also have your next family reunion. i know thats where i will be suggesting the next party.

If you love a nice relaxing evening with great food then i would try going to Le Blaireau.



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