Durdle Door with Nisi Filters

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One of the most iconic sights of Dorset, Durdle Door, is near enough just down the road for me and I feel so lucky to have this and so many other infamous locations from the jurassic coast so close. This stretch of coast, known as the Jurassic coast is now a world heritage site, the iconic arch has been photographed countless of times but you can never get tired of shooting here as there is never a bad angle.

I wanted to do a quick comparison of some of my NISI filters as they are an essential part of my kit whenever my camera is taken out. Within the selection I have a V6 Holder, a polariser, 2 stop Medium , 6 stop ND and a 10 stop.

Not so long back i decided to pop on down to Durdle Door and take these shots with my Sony a7ii, set at F13 iso 100 and using lens 16,35 from the Zeiss Collection, to show the differences of what filters can do to the outcome of your images.


Durdle door Right out of the camara with no editing or filters. (Below image)



Next up was testing the NISI Polariser. Immediately you can see there is the incredible difference between non use and the use of the polariser, as the glare from the sea is taken away and has darkened the sky. (image below)



Now to test the 2 stop medium ND, this is one of my favourite filters which i pretty much use all the time. It is my go to filter that i use when i am out and about. Again right away you can see it’s darkened the sky and added a lot more contrast to my image. (image below)

soft meduim 3


Next up, the NISI 6 Stop. As a landscape photographer it is absolutely crucial to have a good set of filters in your camara bag as you never know what you might need, the NISI 6 stop allows me to increase the exposure time to produce silky water but not so long to blur the clouds. This photo is 6 seconds iso 100 at F13. (image below)

nisi 6stop


Finally, the NISI 10 stop. For me this image of Durdle Door came alive with a long exposure and made the colours fully show with no colour casting. The 10 stop filter allowed me to increase the exposure time to 30 Seconds, to show cloud motion.



If you would like to enhance your image, with a professional finish, then I would definitely recommend The NISI filter collection. Take a look at Phil Norton website (click here)

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